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Rashid Ahmed Guided Reflection Questions Opening Questions How did the simulated experience of Rashid Ahmed’s case make you feel? Overall, the simulation case of Mr. Ahmed was a positive experience that makes me feel in control and challenged by the situation. I perform multiple nursing skills and acknowledge acquired during lectures. For example, in reference to fluid, electrolyte, and acid-base balance information, I was able to identify the needs of a dehydrated patient. Talk about what went well in the scenario. I perform vitals sings and communicated effectively with Mr. Ahmed. I educated the patient in areas such as dehydration, fall risks, intake and ouptup measurements. In addition, I administer oral and intravenous medication to ensure proper drug …show more content…

If so, how would your patient care change? ` The performing of a higher quality in the treatment of Rashid Ahmed’s case will require the presence of less errors. As priority, I will wash my hand as soon enter the patient room and put gloves while measuring the patient output. In addition, I will assess the IV site for any redness, swelling, infiltration or drainage before the medication administration. The performance of all this nursing skill will prevent patient complications such as hospital-acquired infections. Scenario Analysis Questions PCC What priority problem(s) did you identify for Rashid Ahmed? What information led to identification of the priority problems? Mr. Ahmed was diagnosed with dehydration and hypokalemia, which required close checking on his vital sings, input and output. As well constantan respiratory, neurological and cardiovascular assessments. Chat Conversation End PCC Complete the following table related to the causes and assessment findings specific to Rashid Ahmed’s fluid imbalance Cause of fluid deficit Assessment Findings Cause of assessment

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