Doctor-Patient Relationship Model

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This section presents the main areas of concern that influence co-creation of value in healthcare service delivery at the doctor-patient encounter level. The findings break the co-creation process into three to include: clinical encounter process, consumption experience, and value outcomes to respective actors.
The encounter process
The doctor-patient encounter in clinical consultations generates experiences that consequently influence the service outcome. Both actors were asked to share their perceptions of what they would consider as an ideal encounter that could result in positive service outcomes. The responses from both doctors and patients had some similarities and differences. For instance, both actors indicate that the nature of engagement …show more content…

It is also worth noting that doctor-patient relationships characterised by trust have the tendency to exhibit greater information sharing as noted above. The actors further note that trust is considered conditional and seemingly mandatory, which plays a critical role in consultations. However, it is not something that is often expressed, but the level of importance in driving the consultation is …show more content…

This is very critical as it helps in the diagnosis and also helps me to get to know the patient’s history [Doctor 1].
However, one challenge with regard to patient active participation in the encounter process is the lack of role clarity. Both doctors and patients shared this view.
Some patients are not sure of their role in the consulting room…some believe that with the minimum or scanty information, doctors should be able to diagnose and treat them accordingly [Doctor 7].
It is quite worrying that some patients come to the consulting room and try to suggest what to prescribe for them. I don’t think that is the role of the patient…this behaviour should not be encouraged [Doctor 3].
I expect to actively participate in the consultation, interact and engage well with the doctor, but not sure of the limit of my role as a patient…I’ve had a negative experience with a doctor in the past simply because I requested for a particular medication to be prescribed for me. I did not see anything wrong with that, but the doctor took offense [34-year old

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