Colorado Springs Branch Personal Statement

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I knew that I wanted to be a doctor since early high school. Experience in a hospital and clinic setting, both personal and professional, have given me many reasons to pursue medicine. Through these viewpoints, I have gained an understanding of patient hardships like financial and travel issues, the grief associated with loss, and the trust that accompanies putting yourself or a loved one into the hands of physicians. These experiences have built empathy and compassion in me that is necessary in medicine. As a patient, I prefer a physician to be knowledgeable on new medical information. The University of Colorado School of Medicine is extremely up to date on medical advances and does tremendous research demonstrating their dedication to the Colorado community. Trust is another important component that is expected as a patient. The education that is …show more content…

The ability to experience many specialties simultaneously would be extremely similar to what I would experience everyday as a rural physician. These clerkships are exceptional at preparing a physician for the wide range of situations they would experience every week while also helping them find specific areas of interest to them. These areas of interest can assist with semi-specialization that occurs in rural settings while getting a view at the variable conditions and lifestyles that each member in the community experiences. The socioeconomic struggles of Colorado Springs is more comparable to the situations that many rural community members face which would allow me to build even more empathy and compassion to those individuals. Although the area is not rural by any means, the feel of the city is much smaller than Denver, which would further adapt me to the “small-town” feel that I desire. As a student at the Colorado Springs Branch, I feel I would be better prepared to serve the rural community I envision myself practicing

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