Georgetown Medical School: Personal Statement

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Georgetown Medical School is well known for its commitment to Cura Personalis, care of the whole person.I have witnessed firsthand the importance of caring for more than just the physical well-being of a patient. Two friends of my parents were both diagnosed with cancer at around the same time. One was told by her physician that her cancer was terminal and she should be prepared for only having a few more months to live. Even though she did not feel any pain from the cancer and had been working until the day she was diagnosed, she passed away within the month. According to her family, she lost the will to fight the cancer after talking with her physician, believing there was no point. The other friend was warned about the aggressiveness of her cancer …show more content…

In particular, students are expected to perform clinical or nonclinical services for vulnerable, underserved, or traditionally disenfranchised population group or community. Its curriculum includes courses such as Service Learning and Patients Population and Policy. These courses will teach me about the various factors that can impact the health of a population and help me learn how to identify community-specific health issues and improve health care delivery. I also believe that I will experience diverse clinical experiences throughout my clerkship years at Georgetown. Situated in the international city of Washington with affiliated hospitals covering every specialty and sub-speciality, I will have the opportunity to see unique medical conditions and even procedures that would not be possible at a smaller hospital. Having done research since high school, I also appreciate that Georgetown requires its students to complete an Independent Scholarly Project (ISP). Whether at the National Institute of Health or research centers within Georgetown, I will be mentored by scientists who are experts in their

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