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As a low-income, first-generation Mexican American/college graduate, my personal identities and experiences uniquely position me to contribute to RFU’s diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts (DEI). Through my journey, I have encountered various challenges and triumphs that have shaped my perspective and deepened my commitment to promoting DEI in healthcare and beyond. My lived experience growing up in an economically disadvantaged and medically underserved community has heightened my awareness of the healthcare disparities and inequities that exist, especially being raised in a traditional Hispanic household. It has fueled my passion to address these issues and advocate for accessible, culturally sensitive, and equitable healthcare. By bringing my experiences and insights to RFU, I aim to contribute to the institution's efforts to improve healthcare outcomes for underserved populations. Moreover, my bilingual and bicultural background allows me to connect with diverse populations on a deeper level. I can communicate effectively with Spanish-speaking individuals and bridge language and cultural gaps in a …show more content…

I joined because I wanted to understand the community that I would be taking part in for the entirety of my undergraduate degree. The community itself was within Central Valley, California, which was also known to be largely medically underserved and economically disadvantaged. I was able to witness this firsthand, as a college student focused on pursuing medicine, the impact of healthcare disparities, and social determinants of health. These experiences have instilled in me a commitment to serving and empowering marginalized communities. By actively engaging with other campus-based organizations and promoting health education initiatives, I aspire to contribute to RFU’s community outreach efforts and foster positive change in the communities we

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