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Since my junior year in high school I have known that I would like to pursue a career in medicine, and there are three major reasons why I know such a career is right for me. The first reason is that I am utterly fascinated by the human body. As a Biology major taking classes such as Genetics and Cell Biology, my appreciation of the complexity of our bodies grows every day. As I learn more about Biology it becomes more and more apparent how little we know, and how much there still is to learn. I became a Biology major because I am interested in working to discover the answers to the many questions that still remain, especially those about the function of our own bodies. This carries over to medicine because I am especially interested in discoveries in Biology that have applications in treatment of illness, such as new drug targets. I envision a future in which a complete understanding of human biology leads to good health for all, and I would very much like to be part of making this happen. …show more content…

Doctors and other health care professionals provide the extremely valuable service of improving the function of each of our most valuable possessions: our bodies. I do not believe that any other profession can match the impact of treatment or prevention of illness, disability, or injury, which can result in vast improvements of quality of life. Not only that, but medical advances have already added many years to the average human lifespan. Being able to extend even one person's life or improving the quality of it is a worthy cause, and doctors have the opportunity do this for each of the many patients they see every day. The value of added years on one’s life is incalculable, and I am incredibly grateful to the doctors and scientists whose advancements made this possible for others, as well as

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