Personal Essay: Pursuing Medicine As A Career

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Pursuing medicine as a career was never going to be an easy decision, especially with the intricacies of the role of a physician and the responsibilities that go with it. Following my graduation from medical school, I worked as a general practitioner in a small rural town, home to a population of less than 7,000 in Syria for 3 years. As the only medical professional in that town, my role encompassed that of a pharmacist, a physician, and a champion of healthy lifestyle promotion in the community. I immediately realized that my role had transcended from just diagnosing patients and treating their ailments. These formative 3 years of my life gave me my first exposure to family medicine. Seeking to enhance my skillset, I decided to pursue a residency in internal medicine, which appealed to me because it represents a large scope of practice encompassing several systems. My training proved …show more content…

Over 7 months as a clinical trainee at Cedar Medical Center, and 2 months in the BC IMG Clinical Assessment Program, I was afforded the chance to be exposed to a wide scope of practice with many amazing physicians in terms of knowledge and professionalism. Also, I noticed the actual implementation of high standard of knowledge and skills on top of the use of evidence- based medicine. This experience added to my appreciation as a general practitioner, an internist, and an emergency medicine physician and the importance of being a life-long learner. It strongly drove me to apply to and hopefully start your family Medicine Residency program. Your program will provides me with the best updated academic materials and clinical training needed to be a successful family physician and keep going the extra mile in providing best service to our

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