Personal Narrative: Picking My Brain

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Picking My Brain How a person is raised affects how the person grows and lives, a quote from myself. I can apply that to myself as well. Had I not had a birth defect, I probably wouldn’t be as focused in the medical field as I am. If it wasn’t for my religion and relationships, I wouldn’t have the political views that I have now. The experiences I’ve had have shaped me into who I am today. I might have some huge life altering experience after I finish this (like going to college D’=) that might change my views, but these are the views I have now. I was born with bilateral clubbed foot, so I spent a good portion of my childhood visiting Gillette or Dr. Sunberg. With these visits, I was exposed people will all kinds of disabilities and wonderful people who helped manage them. The kindness of the people around me had shaped me into a kind, caring person. As I grew older, these traits stayed and my need to help others grew. Because of my medical exposure, I know how helpful doctors can be, and my math/science wired brain enjoys digging into the science behind humans. These things grew my interest in the medical field, and this coming summer, I start my long path towards becoming a physician. I’m not sure what field I will focus on, but I still have six years until I need to decide. My …show more content…

I believe that people are inherently good, and it is the actions done towards them that make people bad. Psychopathy is caused by a limited emotional connection in the brain, and the large majority of serial killers have this disorder. It’s genetic; it’s not caused by actions. But, there are people with this condition that have grown up normally and, though they might be emotionally withdrawn, they aren’t serial killers, because their family and the people around them treated them kindly. If we want serial killers and other cruel people to stop their actions, we need to simply be kind to them. Be kind to

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