Personal Narrative: Lost In The Center Field

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It was the last inning in our all-star game, and we were losing 10 to 8. Our team had 2 outs and we couldn’t get the third. Our pitcher was doing bad, throwing all balls, while all of us in the field were tired, ready to fall asleep at any moment. There goes another walk. They score again. Great! I was thinking. At this point in the game I thought for sure that I would die right there in center field. However, baseball is baseball and things can change rather rapidly. The other team hit the ball and the shortstop missed it, letting it go right through his legs Thus, the other team was given a free base, and at this point all I really wanted to do was give up with a few others on the team, too. We were all wishing that we were done, and all …show more content…

I was the 5th hitter, and waiting. After the other team warmed up, the first batter on our team was up, the pitcher threw the ball and he swung and got on first, we all cheered. The 2nd batter was up and swung 2 times and missed. The next pitch was a ball. He stepped out of the batter 's box and took some deep breaths. He stepped back in and concentrated. He swung and made contact. He also got to first ball, and the batter before him was now on 2nd. As the batters go on, I realized that I was on deck with 1st and 2nd taken by a runner. The batter before me took a few deep breaths and got ready to swing. As he was stepping into the batter 's box the pitcher got ready to pitch. The batter also got ready to swing. The pitcher threw it, and the batter swung and missed; we were all nervous. The next pitch came and he swung and missed again. He stepped out and looked at the 3rd base coach and told him to concentrate and take some deep breaths. He walked back up to the batter 's box and did as the coach told him to do. The next pitch he swung and made contact, he didn 't know where it went but he just started to run. When I looked up the shortstop had it and threw it to 1st but the runner was

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