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When I was in third grade, I was diagnosed with a medical condition that required me to go to Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh multiple times per month. It was boring, annoying, and sometimes painful. I never enjoyed going and that didn’t change as I got older. But when I just started going, I was very sick. Between the one hundred two-degree fever I had and the amount of blood they had to take out of me for tests, I felt miserable. Nothing there could comfort me. I was surrounded by white walls, and medical supplies in a room barely large enough for the bed and two chairs. This was before they built a new Children’s Hospital, though, which is filled with bright colors, beautiful murals with images of butterflies and flowers, and overall a more comfortable atmosphere. I remember lying in the hospital bed, under a thin sheet, …show more content…

According to their website, they offer many services from medical information and referrals to doctors, financial resources, housing, and education assistance. They even provide things as simple as friendship, encouragement, and emotional support. Other items such as free pregnancy tests and maternity and baby clothes are provided. Birthright’s philosophy is based on love and commitment to caring for women. Clinics are found in the United States, Canada, and Africa. Both my sister and I, plus our friends, wanted to give back to children in need. I felt the comfort of a simple stuffed animal when I was sick and wanted other children to feel comfortable too. Theresa went through multiple surgeries and to comfort herself made blankets for others. There’s always a feeling of accomplishment and warmth in donating to others. Even if it isn’t a material good or money, things as basic as your time with another can improve a situation. A laugh, a smile, reading a book, or just being with a person in need can brighten a room wherever they may need

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