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Peter Singer the man who wrote the famous proposal "The Singer Solution to World Poverty" talks about donating money to charity rather than spending it on luxuries to save lives. Singer explains this by stating examples of people put in a situation to sacrifice a beloved item for a child 's life. The first example talks about Dora a retired schoolteacher writing letters for illiterate people. When suddenly she gets an opportunity to obtain 1,000 dollars and all she has to do is bring a kid to a house of foreigners who are willing to adopt him. Dora brings the child, gets paid and enjoys her TV until her neighbor informs her that the foreigners really were organ peddlers. The next day Dora saves the child preventing his demise. (pg. 931) The…show more content…
Yes and no depending on how you look at it. On one hand he 's correct since we can save lives but on the other hand nobody wants to save a life since we never see it so we 're never bothered by the fact that someone is dying since it happens all the time. But put in a situation where could prevent the death most likely would but we all are technically in that situation (As Singer states on page 934) every day when we want to have a night out or buy a new couch but instead we could be using this money to save the life of a child instead of on ourselves. Most people nowadays are hard-headed and I am one of them but people like me aren 't really going to listen to this "people are dying you can do something by spending cash" that stuff just passes by my head like the wind, no cares in the world to what 's going on. Or maybe it 's just that we 're all heartless since poverty doesn 't affect us we don 't care about some children starving to death.
Peter Singer was right about the ten percent donating after all if nobody at all did anything those poor children wouldn 't be saved and the world would lose more people with a bright future ahead of them. And for actually saving a life the human population can increase; the chances of cancer being cured if one of those children grew up to be a doctor would increase and so on and so forth. It 's better to give then to give nothing at all since it could help you or your family in the far future benefiting you and your
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