Wounded Warrior Scholarship Essay

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As a persistent volunteer, my passion to help others has been a significant trait of mine, I am blessed to have many opportunities to help my community since I have been in elementary. I volunteer at any event I am eligible for throughout my community whenever I have the chance. However, I do not limit myself to participating in community events. I help others in need by purchasing food for them or donating the clothes I don 't wear. Looking back at all the volunteer opportunites I take advantage of, Operation Santa will have a special place in my heart because of the joy the activity brings me. Ultimately, activities with the same orientation have inspired me to make a positive impact on my community in the future.

Operation Santa has been a teaching tool towards the important ideal I learned at a young age, "Help others even though they may not be able to help you." Moreover, interacting with individuals who are not as fortunate as I am has humbled and motivated me to become the best person I can be in order to help other hapless members of my community. I believe this project is one of the most rewarding activities any volunteer can participate in. Reaching out to families that endure a …show more content…

Unfortunately, our soldiers who have given up so much for our country have not been treated the way they should after they are discharged. I will stay an active volunteer by providing care to my community’s veterans. In order to do this, I will make a difference in their lives by providing the care they deserve, whether the situation is medical or not. When I garner my license to practice I will have an understanding how to make this goal of mine possible due to my inclusion with the Leadership Network at the University of

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