Why America Is A Great Country

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America is a great country. It is the great melting pot of races, religions, and beliefs. Americans have freedom and rights to think independently from their neighbors. We’ve rightfully earned this way of living, for history has taught us that our ancestors fought for this. Each American individual is equal, but it is our uniqueness that binds us together. Some American men and women have found a special calling: military service. These men and women have faithfully and bravely defended and protected the citizens of our great country for hundreds of years. It doesn’t matter if it’s on the front line or engineering behind the scenes, because these special people are one of the major reasons America is the great country it is. Greatly revered former president Abraham Lincoln promised to take care of our veterans, and to this day, Americans have carried out Lincoln’s wishes. Our veterans are well-respected figures of society, a well earned role. The citizens of America have made it a first priority to honor and recognize these brave men and women. One of the many ways we keep Lincoln’s promise is the abundance of wounded soldier projects. Across the country, there are many…show more content…
Veterans Day originated as Armistice Day in 1919, but wasn’t a national holiday until 1938. On November 11, some students and workers alike get an annual break from their day to honor our former military officers. Many communities hold parades and vigils in honor of our American heros. School children are usually asked, leading up to the holiday, to write thank you cards to be sent out to the veterans. Patriotic symbols such as the American flag are typically passed out to the vast majority of people who attend the festivities. People then watch the procession of local heros down the streets. It’s a widely recognized holiday to not only thank the veterans, but to single them out as brave

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