Reflection Of Diversity And Leadership In High School

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Please list the activities you are involved in: *
CIVICUS Living and Learning Program, Candidate for Hire Resistant Assistant, Student Alumni Leadership Council (Vice President of Campus Programming), Student Government Association (First Year Council, Student Groups, Health and Wellness, Diversity and Inclusion Committees), University Student Judiciary, Title IX Student Advisory Board, Preventing Sexual Assault, College Democrats, No Taboo. Period, Circle K
Talk about your leadership style and how you have demonstrated leadership since coming to the University of Maryland: *
I like to believe that my leadership style is unique to me. Through my past leadership experiences I have had in high school and those I currently possess consist of a history of those who have come before me and a hint of those who I lead. Being a leader consists of always growing and learning how to become better. As Class President of my graduating class, I had to have different faces to be a successful leader in that position. When campaigning and address my class informally I had to be more relaxed and listen to the needs of my classmates. In contrast, when speaking to the board of education I had to keep a more professional stature and convince them to accept my proposals to ensure that my class was put in the best position they could be. As a leader I always kept my ears open and my goals on track. Allowing other individuals speak their mind while maintaining a strong

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