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Throughout high school I have participated in many different activities and programs, but one of the opportunities I was given I will carry with me forever. As a junior at River Valley I participated in the Marion General Teen Volunteer Program. After interviewing and being placed in the physical therapy unit I took the opportunity to branch out into other areas of the hospital. I soon made my way to the labor and delivery floor where everyday a miracle happened. My duties while volunteering included assisting the nurses during hearing checks, changing diapers, and rocking crying infants in special care. During this time I realized that nursing is what I was meant to do. I found my passion as a teen volunteer. During high school I have participated in many different activities and clubs. As a member of River Valley’s NHS chapter I serve as chair of the blood drive committee. I coordinate the blood drives throughout the school year along with the co-chairs and the red cross. I schedule the appointments, check those in that are donating and relay the importance of donating blood to the student body. Also, being a member of River Valley’s FFA chapter I participate in activities such as Food for America, Adopt-a-Family, and Community Breakfast. FFA has been a very important part to my high school experience because it has taught me the …show more content…

I plan on obtaining my masters in nursing and becoming a neonatal nurse. Without taking science courses at River Valley, becoming a nurse would have never crossed my mind. As a sophomore I took biology where I learned about topics such as genetics and how different genes can affect an offspring. In chemistry I became fascinated with the idea of mixing different elements and chemicals to make something brand new and in anatomy I was taught about the skeletal, muscle and nervous systems which we were able to better see through

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