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Personal Statement- Stephanie Olivera
Growing up I was always the odd one in our family. When my parents started having children, they did not plan us very well. I am 5 years younger than my older brother, 4 years younger than my sister and 8 years older than my younger brother. I was the child that did not have anyone to "play" with, and I grew accustomed to being alone. However, as the years went on I learned to become a more sophisticated person all thanks to a student-led organiztion.
When I started preschool, the first real interaction I had with other children my age, made me shutdown. I would barely talked at school, my teachers started worrying of me. The school talked to my parents, asking if there had been anything traumatic that had happened …show more content…

He loved it so much he got my sister involved as well. They were always going on adventures with FFA, it seemed like a fun adventure. When I began high school, my sister pushed me to join, saying it was life changing. I wanted a change in my life so I decided to join the National FFA Organization, and it was the best decision I have ever made thus far. I remember walking into the agricultural complex and thinking I do not belong here. Nevertheless all of those people took me in and helped me grow as a person.
FFA taught me many traits, how to be able talk on my feet, how to judge livestock and give oral reasons for them, but most importantly it taught me how to be a leader. Who would have thought that quiet, shy me would be able to become a leader in high school? Trust me, I did not think so. However, here I am thirteen years later, Sentinel two years in a row, Vice President one year of our local chapter and Washington FFA District VII Secretary two infrequent years. The people of FFA inspire me to become better everyday and try new things because I will never know if I am good at it unless I

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