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Have you ever been a part of something that made you feel special and accepted? Did you look forward to going to meetings to see what your next fun adventure with the group would be? You may not realize it at the time, but these groups or clubs are teaching you a variety of skills and lessons, that you’ll continue to use throughout your life. I believe that the FFA organization is the best group to be a part of. Not only do you learn so many helpful skills, but it goes above and beyond teaching the agricultural ways of our country through contests, social events, and even giving awards and scholarships! Looking back on my four years as an FFA member of the New Lexington FFA Chapter, I can name several skills I’ve learned that I truly believe got me to where I am today. I remember my freshman self. Too nervous and shy to stand up and say the FFA motto in front of my Plant and Animal Science class. Twelve short words to recite for bonus points in class. I knew it, but was just too shy to stand up. I could tell by the look on Mrs. Foster’s face, that she was disappointed that no one knew the motto. It was then that I became …show more content…

My junior year, I was awarded the outstanding junior award. I received this award for active participation, meeting attendance, and overall class grades. I was so excited and felt so proud to get this award. As a senior, it was time to give up my office to a younger FFA member who could fill the position after I graduated. We do this at our annual chapter banquet where awards are given, and scholarships are given. Being such an active member, and juggling school along with a part time job at Pizza Hut, I was fortunate enough to get two scholarships from the FFA Alumni Association. These accomplishments and the money awarded are helping me pay for the books I’m using in college today. My hard work as an FFA member and officer had definitely paid

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