Personal Narrative-Football Injury

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Personal Narrative- Football Injury My nerves were racing in my stomach to no end. I’m wondering if everything is ok? Will everything be as I planned? I couldn 't stop thinking what might happen. Thoughts were running wild as I thought about my team going on to play without me. I couldn 't figure out why I had to let the team handle the game without me. I had played with them all season and some for a few previous years and when they needed me the most, all I was able to do was watch from a TV. I hated the feeling of helplessness that I had, but at the same time I knew there was nothing I could do about it. It was the end of the first half of the game towards the end of the season. My team was playing the Purdue Boilermakers, a team we …show more content…

I tried getting up as the other players created a huddle around me. All that I kept thinking was I knew something wasn’t right and I needed to walk it off as I had done in the past. When I couldn’t get up I started to wonder was my season is over? Would my football career be ruined? I started to think I won 't be able to accomplish the goal of making it in to the NFL draft as I worked so hard for. I wondered if this would be my last football season ever. The medics came out with the stretcher. I tried to come to my feet so I could at least walk off the field, but I ended up falling and not being able to stay up on my own. I had to be carried off the field and try to calm down and gain control of my thoughts. A few of my coaches rushed to me questioning if I would be ok. The team medic said there is no way to know until after I am in the back getting checked …show more content…

I was told my mother was on her way and would meet me there. The two words, "Emergency Room" made me think football might be over, When we finally arrived at the hospital; the paramedics took me to an empty bed where my Mom was already waiting. I have never like hospitals, everyone always sounds like they are going to die and the constant long drawn out beeps from the heart monitors always going off. The smell in the hospital didn’t help either. The nurse came in with a needle that in my memory looked long enough to go through my arm. "Ummmmmmm wait, STOP! What is that for?" I asked. The nurse said, "We have to put an IV in your arm so we can give you pain killers before we look at your leg." I hate needles and have a huge fear of them. The nurse told me to look away and slowly pushed the IV into my arm. I was thinking that with the pain I felt in my leg the needle going in was just a pinch. The Emergency Room Doctor ordered morphine to stop the pain. It took a while, but the pain started to go away. Either that or I was feeling good enough not to

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