Junior Year Research Paper

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Junior year was a bit challenging for me. It was not challenging because of the work, but I joined a career program. I had to keep up with both of my schools. For me to be successful with so many things going on, I had to stay organized and think ahead. My success was that I kept all my grades above a C+. Throughout my whole high school years, I had someone to motivate me. I wanted better for myself. I knew If I did the right things, good things would come to me. I like the finer things in life and I plan to have them. I go to school and work to have a better future. Describing my junior year to a stranger would be like a college student describing their junior year. Starting my career in high school is a blessing. You have a good idea of …show more content…

Being so focused on meeting other people caused me not to get to know my cousin. Come to think of it, we share a lot in common. I also had a paying job after school hours. I babysat Monday through Thursday and then I worked at a grocery store on the weekends. It was a challenge working with kids, keeping the house clean, and doing homework all at once. Getting closer to my senior year was very exciting. My biggest accomplishment will be walking across the stage. Making my family and those who care about me proud has been always a happy moment. I like to keep people happy. Giving back to those who helped you are very important. Even though I had so many responsibilities, I still had some fun time to hang out with my best friend. My freshman year, I already felt like a senior. It was my sister’s senior year and I was a freshman when we went to school together. I always hung out with my sister and her older friends; they even treated me like a senior. I always was included in their plans. My junior year was a long ride for me. I had my ups and downs, but that is with everything that comes in life. I’m Just proud of myself for getting through Junior year. I am just one more step closer to my dreams. I Am very happy to start my Senior

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