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It was the middle of my Junior year as a high school student when I began losing myself. Every day tasks such as simply getting out of bed, eating, and talking about my feelings became harder and harder. I was no longer the passionate, positive, cheery Kelsy that my peers and teachers alike had grown to love. Instead I was quite, in hopes to avoid anxiety attacks, which were so embarrassing and physically painful. I found myself just going through the cycles to get by. Instead of living life, I was merely existing. I didn't even recognize myself, nor feel like myself. I grew very ill. When I looked in the mirror I saw what resembled a ghost. I was eventually diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety. After the diagnoses, I was placed into "Good Sheppard" due to my unhealthy ways of coping. Good Sheppard is a place for people suspected to be suicidal. But, this is not a sad story. Rather the total opposite; a story of how I learned the most crucial things in my life up to this point. And most importantly, I found myself. …show more content…

The good, the bad, the ugly, the beautiful, all of it. But, its all about your perspective and if you choose to look at it that way. I remember the day I decided I did not need to be taking depression medicine. I felt that I didn't need to be taking a medication to help me feel the way someone else thinks I should feel. I knew that happiness simply began within me and my choices. I could have easily continued to be sad about my life and I would probably be in the same boat I was junior year. But instead I decided to view things as an opportunity, realizing along the way that I could use all the bad in the world to make myself a better person. I began to grow very thankful for my life and the hardships I had faced because I understood that they built the person I am, and continue

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