Honor Roll Autobiography

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I have had a few major things happen to me throughout my life. Most of the important events happened in middle school and further on. I did accomplish a few things in elementary school. Once I was in middle school I joined the scouting organization and achieved good grades. In high school I was placed very high in my class after struggling at the beginning of the year. I also joined a sport for the first time. While in elementary, I progressed like a normal child would, although I was with the smarter group of kids. I made the honor roll every quarter. In third grade I started doing taekwondo. It was one of my favorite things to do and I did it for about three years. Near the beginning of sixth grade I joined my local Boy Scout troop. Many of my weekends of middle school were taken up by camping. This was exciting since I had never done anything like it before. In seventh grade I started attending enrichment classes at Ball State almost monthly during the school year until the end of ninth grade. In early eighth grade I started doing Sea Scouts and began frequently sailing. These two combined made me a very busy person. Eighth grade was also the year I was inducted into the National Junior Honor Society. The summer before high school I started the first part of a large …show more content…

I achieved the A honor roll for both of the first quarters. This caused me to be (INSERT RANK HERE) in my class. I joined track and travel club this year and have been enjoying both of them greatly. In the beginning of the year I moved away from my home town. With the possibility of going to the Indiana Academy I was not too fond of going to three different high schools all in the span of two years. It was hard getting things arranged at first, but I am still attending Logansport High School and plan to keep going there until the end of tenth grade. All in all, I am happy with how my life has gone so far and I am excited for what the future

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