Times We Need To Rethink Rehab Analysis

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Recovery from drug addiction is always hard but trying to keep from relapsing is even harder because it’s something you have deal with for the rest of your life but what happens when your back out on the streets, back to reality? A person can have the willpower it takes and even have hit rock bottom and get treatment but rehab isn’t for everyone and it doesn’t work for everyone. In an article from TIMES: We Need to Rethink Rehab by David Sheff, he discusses his story when he found out his son Nic had become addicted to METH and other drugs. Like most parents or even loved ones, David panics and wanted to get his son the help he needs and sends him to rehab. Nic went to rehab for 28 days and after he relapse and went to a different rehab facility …show more content…

Being a teen with already addicted to drugs may not realize the problems they are causing until they are out on the streets when it’s too late and think they don’t need help. Also in the article it discusses how when the drug addict is unable to brace the program, they get yelled at and get talked down to so they feel as if why bother? It’s basically up to you to the person who wants to change and wants to quit but for some it’s so much more difficult than that. The rehab facilities and or treatment centers are setting you up to fail and then wonder why so many relapse over and over where one day they die from an overdose. There are many other treatments available but when you need to qualify for it, it’s another issue. Why does one person need to qualify for certain treatments when they should already be qualified because they have a drug problem? David says, “Nic is one of the lucky ones. I’m one of the lucky ones. But this should not be about luck”

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