New Beginnings: Coming To America For A Better Life

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New Beginnings People come to America for new opportunities, for a better life, after all it is the land of the free and the home of the brave. However I never envisioned I would ever come to America. At the age of 8 my life changed forever. My mother wanted to leave our life behind and move to an unfamiliar country. I was shocked when my mom told me we be would coming here I remember feeling helpless and confused. I wanted to see my dad and my siblings but I didn’t want to leave my friends behind and I really liked the school I was attending I had just gotten into the 3rd grade which I was very excited for. I didn’t have another option, I had to come here and looking back I’ve never appreciated anything more. My life is composed of new beginnings, I moved around a lot growing up to different house, to a different country, and different schools. Coming to america I got to settle into one place with all my family. I remember my first day in america vividly it 's something that has stuck with me for a very long time. As I got off the plane I knew as soon as I stepped into that airport my life has changed forever. Nothing will ever be the same for me anymore, I will never be the same. I had never seen something so amazing and gigantic at the same time. My head was spinning; I was so nervous I could have thrown up …show more content…

My first day in school was horrible. I didn’t know anyone and I knew very little english, words like “may I use the bathroom, Hi, yes, no,and thank you”. The only person that talked to me the first day was the teacher I did not end up not making friends. I cried for 2 months when we first moved here I hated everything I missed my old house, my friends and my school. I was mad at my mom for making us move here and my dad for moving here in the first place.I realize now why they moved us here. My siblings and I got a lot of great opportunities that we would have not gotten if we grew up back in

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