Memorable Moment In High School

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Surviving in High School “The journey doesn’t start at the beginning, begins at the end.” School is one of the most memorable moments you will experience in your life, are those moments when you find a second family in your life called “classmates”, they start being strangers to classmates, classmates to friends and friends to brothers and sisters, you spent every single day of your life for more or less 2 years of your life that you start to know them more than anybody. I study in Colegio De La Salle in Panama City, Panama. My years in De La Salle are priceless, because it’s the place where I grew up as a student and the most importan as an Human being. During my time in De La Salle I found “Ma Squad” that’s how we call our group back in Panama, where we experience and pass so many things together. I realized I wasn’t a good student my behavior inside the classroom was horrible but I could recognize I had a really good connection with my teachers even though I was super noisy in class and always laughing basically I was like a clown, until today I still talk to them as my second parents. Memorable moments in my life that I consider the scariest days and at the same time moments to celebrate was my last year in High School. De La Salle Panama is known for a lot of people as a really hard school to graduate and the hardest year is grade 12 (2014: my last year in High School). Remember moments when I was studying and I took me the whole night to study for my several

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