Personal Narrative: My Fifth Grade

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My fourth through fifth grade I went to the same elementary school and was the best for me. It was the best because I been knowing the same people since preschool and had classes with the people I knew. But as the fourth grade came along I was separated with the people I knew in preschool and been friends ever since. I was very upset. In my fourth grade classes it was like getting to know the people that I went to preschool with and didn’t know them at all. As a couple weeks went passed things changed a lot. I start to get to along with the people that I didn’t know and became very closed friends. As the fifth grade came along that’s when the people I knew since preschool and been close friends with. The Fifth grade had all my friends and …show more content…

It was new because I had to move in Euclid and had to go to Central Middle School. I didn’t know anybody and never been to Euclid city schools. As the sixth grade went by two days for me it felt like a comfortable school for me. As I started getting to know some new people we became friends but nothing like my friends I had with my other school. Things about that middle I like was that it had two basketballs gyms which I have never seen in a middle school before. I remember the schools lunches and best one out of all the school lunches was the pizza. Another thing I remember was that I was one of my history teacher favorites student because I always turn in my work on time and well written. The third I remember was that I was very good in my technology class because technology felt like something I was good at. The fourth thing I remember was that my body started to change again for me. I wasn 't the same in elementary school but I lost the chubby off of me and was in much better shape. I felt like a achieve my goal and that was to lose the chubby. My family knew I could do it and so did I The last thing I remember was about my family. My family showed me love every since I was born. They have never change up on me and never gave up on me. The was will always be very support and very ever

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