The Importance Of Voting In America

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My objective is to obtain a responsible and challenging position in which I can progress, and utilize the opportunity to advance this firm.In just 13 years of education you see a lot of growth. You see it within yourself as you watch your features change. You watch your body and mind grow alongside each other. You watch your friends change from being inseparable to being strangers with memories. People you once ignored became your best friends. You are becoming the person you are destined to be. It is a shift that we all go through. Within this transition from middle school to high school you see various changes. There was this inner conflict with myself, and outer conflict with my friends, my parents, school, getting a job and taxes! All of …show more content…

Christina Boutros said, “Young people who participate politically in their community from early on are more likely to become engaged citizens and voters. So in order to have better “young” citizenship, politics is one of the best tools.” (Better Citizens) This not only shows how we become better citizens it also states that we become better voters. Voting in America right now is more than likely one of the most important things we must get done. It can do so much damage as well as so much more healing. There are roughly 8 Billion people walking this very Earth. 323 Million of those humans live in America. Out of those 323 million only 58% of registered voters decided to make a choice to cast their ballots in to choose our president. On top of not voting the people who did not vote or could not vote complain over actions and decisions that were way out of their power, or that they could have made a difference about. Instead they sat around because in their minds, they believed that because of their economic status they would not be able to make a difference. They made the choice to keep their mouths completely glued shut, and as everyone knows, closed mouths don't get fed. Miss Boutron also made a crystal clear point about, “The youth face many issues in the world, but these issues go unheard. Since the youth would better understand other young people, the best way to improve this newer …show more content…

It is no wonder that dictated countries have more of an impact when young people speak out. It overcomes authority practices and moves in a direction that they would have never imagined. “In countries of dictatorship, the younger generation’s fresh ideas and new leadership can help to overcome authoritarian practices. Protests led by youth leaders can force autocratic leaders to step down from power, allowing these youths to become part of formal decision-making.” (Boutros). You never really think of all of these other countries would even consider what we consider but they do! After all, we are all human and we all have flaws and we all have similar things that catch our attention. One person can inspire millions. I think that is why young people react so loudly and proudly, because if they see something that they do not like they aren't going to sit around with their arms crossed they’re going to get up, get out and go find a way to make things happen and put actions into place. Not only does this make Americans lazy but look how many other countries have accomplished getting things done. I think if we work just a little harder and we had just enough will power we could make a difference and make a change for the great or good. Of course, there are always some people telling us that we are just kids that we do not know the first thing about the government or how it works or how certain policies are

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