Teen Activists Research Paper

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There are many Teen activists in the world. And they all have a lot in common and a lot they do different. All teen activists have to speak out to spread the word of their claim. For example, Malala Yousafzai chose to go worldwide and got on youtube and tv interviews. Alex Lin however did not he didn’t have as big of a problem so he stayed local in his community and spread the word by mouth in his community. Faye Carey like Alex didn’t go as big as Malala but she did go on facebook and started a page to spread the word through social media.

One way teen activists speak out is live television and youtube. Malala went that way and went on interviews with Ellen and Emma Watson and so on. She wanted to spread the word of the importance of girls education to the world. She was on late night talk shows and everything. By being willing to be shot and getting injured it made her cause that much more special. And the fact that she was a 12 year old when she first started fighting for the cause. This all shows how important her cause is to her and her town and the whole world.

Another way many teen activists spread the world about their topic is social media. …show more content…

He say how badly people were disposing of their e-waste that he wanted to change it. So he gathered a group of friends and started doing it the correct way. And he could’ve just left it at that but he wanted more people to know, more people to be helped. So he and his friends told everyone about it and made a video that is now up on youtube. The video explains how e-waste was and how it should be recycled. The video also states that since Alex and his friends started helping they have recycled around 330,000lbs of e-waste properly. We can now see from all of that information how different Teen Activists spread the word on a special cause although they all had different approaches they were all

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