The Silent Revolution Summary

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With time comes changes, and these changes are widely observed throughout history as the societal norms, values, and politics of a region shift. In the text The Silent Revolution by Ronald Inglehart, there is an analysis of these changes between the people of a jurisdiction and their influence on politics. The topic of this work still holds true today, because the first world continues to prioritize more post material values, as opposed to the bare necessities, and it is demonstrated in the ideals of differing generations. The article claims that there are two shifts in the west; one of the shifts being the new emphasis placed on the amount of non-urgent issues, or post material values, because the economic and physical needs of this region have been continually met for several of years. The second shift is seen in the information and interests in politics that the public gained, as a result the public is beginning to have a say in political decisions. The article states that the two shifts go hand in hand because the change in the values was brought on through the shift of political …show more content…

The younger generation has been recently observed protesting the recent election of President Donald Trump. One of the protests most commonly talked about was the “Women’s Marches” around the world; these marches were to bring attention to women’s fear that their rights would be compromised. One of the many controversial topics that they were protesting was the possibility of President Trump following through with defunding planned parenthood- therefore making safe abortions and affordable birth control harder to obtain. Overall this not only demonstrates a younger generations point of view on post material value importance because of their basic rights having been secured, but it also shows their interest in politics and the effects that they hope to have on political

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