My Life In Middle School-Personal Narrative

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Middle school was the first year that I came to Haven from Buhler. It was difficult to adjust to a new school and finding new friends. I new one person from Haven when I moved. Sarah Eikleberry was a girl I met at the church camp I attended the summer previous to seventh grade year. When I came to Haven, Sarah stuck by me and introduced me to many of her friends hoping that I would fit in with everyone. I adjusted well to Haven and made many good friends, some that I am still close with during my senior year. One friend that I became very close was Ivy Liedl. Ivy and I were very close and had a lot in common. Ivy and I liked the same bands and we would often stay at each others houses. After seventh grade Ivy and I drifted apart simply because we both made other friends, we didn’t stop being friends we just …show more content…

Elissa introduced me to One Direction, which is one of my favorite bands to this day. Elissa and I did track for a year together and kind of hated it. We did do things that we did enjoy like staying up really really late watching dumb movies and writing fan fiction stories. Apart from my friends in middle school I also enjoyed being in my classes. One teacher I remember most in seventh grade is Mrs. Geiman, she was a really funny teacher that seemed like she really enjoyed her job. I remember Mrs. Geiman had a small class my hour and so we didn’t have much to do for a week so we watch movies with Patrick Swayze because Mrs. Geiman had a big crush on him. A prominent teacher during my eighth grade year is Mr. Self because he was really funny and made his class very enjoyable. Mr. Self made sure his classes were having fun but also learning. In eighth grade I did Quiz Bowl and it was one of the most enjoyable things because I was pretty good at it. The team would have practice but really we would only mess around. Middle school was a pivotal time in my life and I’m proud of what I

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