Friendship In 'Stand By Me'

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Stand By Me Questions 'Stand By Me ' is about the friendship between a group of boys and in particular two of them, Gordie and Chris. What do you think it is that binds the four of them together? At times they seem to hate each other, throwing insults around whilst later making it up. Try to give some reasons for them being friends.
I think that their home lives, their support from one another, and their common goal binds them together. In the movie, all the friends have different things going on in their home life. For example, Gordie is as if he is invisible at home. He is never recognized, nor loved. However, with his friends he feels that he is more visible and cared about, which makes his friendship
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I think their friendship gives a realistic picture of friendships because they were always true to one another and wanted the best for each other. The four boys always supported each other through hard times. For example, Chris was very discouraged because the people of the town predicted that he would be a lowlife in the future just like his father. However, Gordie did not let that put down Chris, instead he encouraged Chris to also take college-level course to become something high and prove the public wrong. Female friendships are very similar to this. The only difference is that females sometime lose control over their emotions, which is a good thing and a bad thing. It is a good thing because it can make it easier for friends to express their feelings. However, it is a bad thing because it can create arguments between…show more content…
I would say that from that group, I currently only talk to two of them. I guess this is a good thing because I finally found myself and the type of people I wanted to be around. I found the true friends that were there for me since the first day we met. Over the years, nothing extraordinary happened between me and my friends, other than fact that we slowly drifted away. I did not expect us to fall apart as we used to say that we would go a long way, however, this is life. Some friends come and go, while the real ones stay. I remember in middle school, my friends and I used to play sports, go out to the movies, spend time at the park, and stay in during recess and decorate the library. Those were some good times. However, now it is so hard to take some time out of our busy lives to spend quality times with friends. I realized that as we get older, we get more independent. We all get too busy and focused with education that we barely have time to catch up with our friends. One thing that I would say that is different about my friendship today is that it is a lot more serious. Before, my friendship was more about playing and having fun with each other, however, now it is learning from each other and supporting each other during tough
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