Narrative Essay About Moving To Usa

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My pulse suddenly dropped as soon as my parents told me the big news. For a little girl to transition after moving to a different country can be very difficult, especially when you are completely unknown to the language. Although it might seem like a necessity for an individual to fit in, it’s not; do not be afraid to be yourself. I was born in a country made up of 7,000 islands, which is also known as the Philippines. As a child, it was very difficult for me to fit in in other groups, so moving to the United States made me a little scared. It was also exhilarating at the same time. Moving to the United States was like moving to a different planet because everything was so different from the Philippines. I remember stepping out of the airport being in awe of the weather and the surroundings. “It’s gonna be different this time” I thought to myself as I was getting in the car. …show more content…

Going to a new school for me was nerve wracking because I did not know how to speak the language, but I did understand it. Surprisingly, I made a friend on my first day. I remember going home with a huge smile on my face because I did not know that I would make a friend that easily. A few weeks passed, and I was friends with everyone in my class. For the first time in forever I didn’t feel like an outcast. Few weeks down the line, I could not be myself around them, so I started feeling like an outsider again. I suppressed my feelings, and just went along with them. When school was finally over, my parents told me that we were moving back to the Philippine, but my mom was going to stay in America to look for a stable job. Suppression played a big role in my life. I remember the day when I had to leave my mom behind at the airport, and not leaving with tears down my face because I refused to show weakness. Leaving my mother behind was the hardest thing to

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