Personal Narrative Essay: Immigration To The United States

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Parents have an enormous influence on the way their child acts, thinks and is perceived by others, and if there is anyone who is doubtful of this- I am walking proof. The two people who raised me have molded me into the person that I am and will be. From a young age, children become aware of seemingly little things that stay with them whether they like it or not. In my case, I wondered about how my parents could not attend my concerts like all my friends’ parents could, or how they were not able to help me with my homework. I was always jealous of others who did not have these thoughts stuck in their head- just as the thought of a stalled task clings to the mind, only coming forth when it starts to be forgotten. Despite these thoughts plaguing my mind and igniting jealousy at times, I was never bitter. In fact, I enjoyed the sense of independence, and quickly realized that my parents had only the best intentions. You see, my parents are both immigrants from the Dominican Republic. As most other immigrants, they moved to the United States for a better life- not only for them but for their children as well. Although they entered a vastly different world with little to call their own, they were fully prepared to embrace the change. Thus, I learned …show more content…

I have had to accompany my parents to their part-time job for years now and I have always offered them any help that I could. Unfortunately, it is not an enjoyable task, but I gladly volunteer my help because I know how vigorously my parents work and how much they sacrifice in order to put a shelter above my head and food on my plate. Usually I find myself, tired and sleepy, doing most of my homework in the car because I do not have any other time to do it. However, just thinking about how my parents barely have the opportunity to do the things that they enjoy sparks me into

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