Kimmel The M F Test Analysis

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One of Kimmel’s main points in chapter 4 is the M-F test. Which was created in the 1930s, by Terman and Miles. Their main objective was to codify masculinity and femininity into their basic traits, attitudes, and behaviors. The result was that gender identity soon became associated with these perceived masculine or feminine traits. He then goes on to explain the ridiculous scoring method, the questions which to us now, seem to not even point at masculine or feminine traits. Then again I am a more tomboyish girl, so to me they seem arbitrary and insignificant. The test also included possible careers, such as forest ranger, librarian, (I’d like both of these as a career, weird to think how a job can have a perceived masculine or feminine trait- that’s some strange …show more content…

It reminds me of the constant humiliation me and my best friend at the time received because we were tomboys, and weren’t dating like my sisters had. (13-16 years old mind you) It is a constant reminder that I’m not the only person who has gone through this, many other people probably experienced the very same judgement. And this judgement continues till this very day. Just a few weeks ago my Mother told me I need to watch my mouth, because it’s not “ladylike.”
My one question that I kept coming back to is, “is gender really such a big deal?” I’ve never felt like I completely fit into either of the boxes, and I’m okay with that. I don’t need a permanent label either, I’m a female but I’m also just me. Why does my gender have to define who I love, how I dress, or how I speak? I’ve lived my life comfortably, I played Pokémon with my brother, instead of dolls with my sister- and I’ve turned out happy, and healthy. Isn’t that all a parent should care about? (Sorry if I got off topic from the assignment, this one topic has a tendency to get me fired

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