Review Of Dennis Baron's Essay 'Same Three Tired Pronouns'

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Facebook Multiplies Genders but Offers Uses the Same Three Tired Pronouns In Facebook Multiplies Genders but Offers Users the Same Three Tired Pronouns is an argumentative essay written by Dennis Baron. According to Dennis Baron , he claim that it is better to simple language then complicate it. This is an effective argument because it discusses the reasons and concerns of people’s reactions when they are gender is not listed. It also shows the cause and effect of the genders being complicated. The premises that Dennis Baron's stated were how it gets confusing when you do not identify yourself as a specific gender, It gets more complicated. Many people will get offended if they are gender classification is not listed. There …show more content…

Baron used logos and pathos, the logos is that if facebook is going to increase the gender options then it should add more pronoun as well. The pathos part was how the essay as a whole is portrayed to people who identify themselves as other than male and female.for example it states “but deploy a string of invented pronouns to match the genders and at best there’s a distributed denial of services”(pg.634). This evidence shows how there should be more pronoun as well. Even though in this argument there were great sources and examples provided which gives this argument such a vivid tone, the essay does not entirely covers other questions people many have. Many people will get offended if their gender classification is not listed or discussed. Barons makes a strong use of pathos and logos, For pathos the evidence that Baron states is a person “Hey, you left my gender out”(634) this shows how it can cause a problem and people will get offended if their gender is not appeal to emotion because it makes the people who find their gender happy but also could make the people who can not find their gender upset. Making people feel left out should not happen. People might get stuck when they're trying to identify

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