Gender And Sexuality Socially Constructed Essay

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Understanding gender and sexuality as socially constructed categories is important because it helps people understand a certain group. Gender and sexuality is expressed in many categories and people must be careful not to mix people in the wrong category. Simply because one expresses their sexuality different from another person does not mean they should be bashed or treated differently. Sometimes it does not matter what you identify as, who you identify with, people will always judge you, so its best people just do what they want. Putting gender in a category helps others not stereotype them as something they are not. In class, we learned about different types of groups, and how they are viewed from the world perspective. The importance of the gender and sexuality being socially constructed does matter, and it let people choose their identity. In class, we learned about so many different types of gender groups, and one was transgender. Transgenders people are usually people who do not identify with their gender, and prefer the opposite sex. Most of the time people bash transgender people because they feel as if they are breaking the rules. People on the outside judge them because they chose to be …show more content…

If you’re a female and you do a lot of boyish things then you are a tomboy, and if you are a boy and you like female clothing, then you are a fag. From the reading, “The Social Construction of Gender”, it breaks down gender. Before you are even born you are portrayed to be a certain gender already. You will be told you must wear this because you are a boy, or girl. According to the author, “Gendered patterners of interaction acquired additional layers of gendered sexuality, parenting and work behavior in childhood, adolescents and adulthood” (Lorber, 142). Your choice of being masculine or feminine or what you want to identify as is already chosen after you are

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