Persuasive Essay On Gender Neutral Bathrooms

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The term “transgender” is a label that was never used until the mid 1960s. According to history, “Psychiatrist John F. Oliven of Columbia University coined the term transgender in his 1965 reference work Sexual Hygiene and Pathology (“Transgender”)”. When a transgender person desires to be the opposite gender, they may get an invasive surgery to fully transition into their new identity. Multiple transgender people have started to announce the having of the surgery has destroyed their future (Bindel). People have the right to be whatever gender they aspire to be, but transgender people should do public activities and should stay grouped with their biologically assigned sex.
As of recent years, there has been plenty of controversy over whether people should be allowed to use the public facilities as their gender identity as opposed to their anatomical assigned sex. In May, former President Barack Obama and his colleagues wrote a document to all …show more content…

Gender neutral bathrooms will always be a topic of discussion in everyone lives, however the emotional and economic toll the restrooms would have on others could change someone’s life for the worse. If transgender male and females used their biological corresponding gender facilities, we could lessen those tolls to a minimum. The IOC has tried effortlessly to expand the opportunities for transgender athletes, but just reducing the amount of hormones in the athlete cannot change that they will always have an advantage over non-transgender competitors. One may see the tenacity and the empowerment of transgender movements unnecessary and annoying, but hopefully in future, everyone will see that these peoples stories should inspire others to stand up for what they believe

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