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Gender is becoming a large word of conflict in society, and its use has increased in the past few years as the definition has been debated and discussed. Many people are trying to figure out what gender is, and if it is as simple as male and female, or if gender is different from sex and a much topic. I personally view it as a broad word that means more than it has in the past, but that is due to the environment I have grown up in and people that have been in my life as I have started learning new things about the world . The word gender has such conflict about its definition that I feel it should be open for more discussion, or have multiple definitions to make up for the variations in opinions. Throughout most of history and the usage of the word gender in the past, gender has been defined as groups of males or females and a class that is distinguished based off of certain …show more content…

I believe that people are allowed to be whatever they want to be within reason, so in that way I believe that there could be more than just two genders. I also believe that there is a difference between gender and sex, because sex is biological, and gender could be viewed as more of a cultural standard that has been created around people’s physical sex. Though I also believe that people should be allowed to believe what they want, so people should be able to think that gender means male and females, and other people can believe that it means more than that, and that both definitions should be respected even if they aren’t both believed by all. I have grown up with many friends that have identified as different genders than their biological sex, or have fallen in love with people that are outside of the male and female categories, and I respect their lives and decisions. So the way I use the word gender isn’t the way most people think of it due to my experiences and the way I was raised, to be open to new

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