Marxism And Gender Inequality

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Sex and gender are the two terms used for identification of masculinity and femininity among humans in our daily life. Sex is the biological term that determines the biological and “anatomical” differences between male and female species. It also clarifies the primary and secondary sex characteristics a person should have in order to be male or female. However, gender is a socially and culturally constructed term that delineates the distinction between men and women and their roles in the society. Gender is also used to organize relationships between man and women in social life. This social stratification and division of roles have formed the ideology of gender inequality especially in class based and hierarchical societies. For Instance,…show more content…
They argue that in capitalist societies, there is less emphasis on communal aspects and more emphasis on sexual partner and transformation of family into a means through which property can be inherited. This is very important to those who own private property because the Patriarchy and ownership of the women as part of the private property. Therefore Marxist feminists argue that gender inequality is the result of the development of the private property, there is that interconnection to class relationship (Anderson, 2012). Moreover, Marxist feminists argue that because of this gender division of labour, women’s work is devaluated on average. Because, in capitalist societies, most women are in the secondary market usually hunting jobs. They are offered either part time jobs or those with little benefits unsustainable. In opposite, men are in that primary market. Men have stationary and sustainable jobs with higher wages, and more benefits (Anderson, 2012). Furthermore, Marxist feminists argues that only the members of the ruling class benefits from gender equality because of that free work women do in domestic sphere and…show more content…
Women are also used as sexual objects in commodity advertisements. The result of this objectification is the enforcing of that ideology of gender inequality. In conclusion, if we are to get rid of this ideology of gender inequality, we need to bring changes in social and traditional systems. To change these systems in Afghanistan, there is a prior need for changes in current political system which is mostly dominated by conservative warlords and undemocratic tribal power brokers. There is a need for young generation to replace them and bring new ideologies for a better development and with new capacities. We need women voice and role in making our social and political polices. I would pay more attention to women’s education, their role in bureaucracy and business in Afghanistan. Bibliography Anderson, K. (2012). Marxist Classic Feminist Perspectives. In, Thinking About Sociology: A Critical Introduction (pp.364-387, 342-361). Don Mills, Ontario: Oxford University Press. Anderson, K. (2012). The Functionalist Perspective. In, Thinking About Sociology: A Critical Introduction (pp.364-387, 342-361). Don Mills, Ontario: Oxford University Press. Newsom, Jennifer. (2011). Miss Representation. Ro.Co Films
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