Disparity Black Women

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Introduction Gender and racism is the creation of the society (Dabhoiwala, 2012). Among the most affected groups are the black women who are negatively perceived from an early age. I feel black women are disproportionately represented in the United Kingdom. The study seeks to highlight the disparity between races among school going children and this pattern in adulthood. The research will further highlight how black females are segregated within the society. Qualitative and quantitative methods will be applied in finding out the disparity between whites and black females. The study expects to reveal more black females being affected by the racial disparities. Background Black children have experienced different forms of punishments for…show more content…
Previous studies have revealed that some of them endure critical punishments in schools for minor mistakes. This study seeks to highlight challenges black women have to endure from young age in the UK. The study seeks to focus on their plight, their struggles and pain and strengths. This study will firstly carry out an observation on the struggles of these black children in schools. The researchers are to visit schools and institutions and carry out a survey on the number of black children in comparison to the number of white children. Researchers will find out the ratio of black to white to other races administrators in schools and the mode of punishments within the schools. They will observe how teachers and administrators are carrying out punishments to various students and the form and number of punishments students are to obtain in a given period. The major focus will be on the treatment of administrators and teachers on students. This focus will highlight the plight of black females under 16 years in the…show more content…
Qualitative and quantitative method have been applied in data collection and will be applied in the analysis of the collected data. Qualitative analysis is necessary to critically obtain information which cannot be statistically derived through Analysis of secondary data. Quantitative analysis will capture the figures and enable analysis of the information to offer detailed and informed decisions through Interview and survey. From the studies and results, I hope to find that Social feminism theories and feminism theories to focus on theories related to black female segregation like feminism theory. I hope to prove that Social feminism has been instrumental in the fight for the women rights especially the blacks. From the feminism theory, I hope to prove that women can acquire their liberation by ending of the economic and cultural repression. Social feminism encompasses Marxist and radical feminism. From Marxist feminism, I hope to confirm that capitalism greatly contributes to the female segregation within a society. In Radical feminism I desire to find that gender and patriarchy spread female segregation. The studies are to prove the idea of current gender roles; as 'natural ', and therefore unchangeable, is mistaken, how and why segregation occurs and that irrespective of feminist movement, sexual equality is a goal worth striving for within the context of
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