Naughty By Nature Analysis

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This week, the readings point the spotlight at the some of the depressing hardships that the African-American population frequently experience. In “Naughty by Nature”, Ann Ferguson covers the different perceptions that society has of colored boys. David Knight’s work “Don’t tell young black males that they are endangered” seeks to explain the differents outcomes of African-American youth that arise when society constantly oppresses them. The last article by Carla O’Connor, “The Culture of Black Femininity and School Success”, focuses on the image of African-American woman that is created as a result of them attempting to preserve in a system that opposes them. Ferguson centralizes her argument on role race plays when boys attempt to break the rooms in a classroom setting. When young white boys cause a distraction, they are often let off the hook because this behavior is natural among males. However, this is not true across all races. When black boys obstruct the classroom peace, they are viewed as adults who are causing a crime. Another strong point that Ferguson creates is the two different views that society has of black boys. Ferguson asserts that when blacks are seen anywhere, for example television, the radio, or even plain out in the streets they have “come to signify danger and a threat to personal safety”. The other …show more content…

When black females are growing they are raised to have characteristics that force them to be more independent. When black females who were raised to be independent were asked to describe themselves they said words such as “pushy, strong, loud, aggressive, assertive, demanding, determined ()”. Her strength comes from her implementing quotes in her argument, however, they also lack a full story. Personally, I was flabbergasted in discovering that black females are taught to be the breadwinner as opposed to other

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