Black Family In The Age Of Mass Incarceration Summary

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“The black family in the age of mass incarceration,” author Ta-Nehisi Coates toss back on the attempt of “The Negros family”, report by the American politician and sociologist Daniel Patrick Moynihan’s have benefactor to reduce America’s mass detainment, bringing about a country with the world’s biggest jail populace and the largest rate of detainment. In this article, he explained about the difficulties of black families about the racism that have continually arisen in times gone by to present day. Moynihan, who was brought up from a broken home and pathological family, had polite intrusion when he wrote the article “The Negros family.” His article argued that the government has disparaged the damage caused to the black family from past few centuries. Sometimes the blacks are ill-treated indescribably because of the racism. …show more content…

He believed that the prominent feature of a black man had been destroyed because of the not having a proper paternal structure. He also explained about the problem like unemployment of black men, increase in the birth of children without wedding and Lack of government support. His article, in the beginning, explained about what are effects of incarceration on the family members and also how they are financially affected. The impact of incarceration will also continue even after their release because after the incarceration the owners are worried to trust them and give them a job. When they are in jail, they will not have the proper contact with their family due to which they will lose the strong family

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