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I have seen the unique place in the organic world occupied by the human species, the profound physical, as well as moral, differences separating it from all kinds of living creatures. Race, technically, refers to differential concentrations of gene frequencies responsible for traits. They are separated from one another, on the basis of certain biological characteristics. Principle races are Caucasoid, Mongoloid, and Negroid. Most educated folks would settle for the actual fact that the planet isn’t flat which it revolves around the sun. However, it is much more difficult for them to accept modern science concerning human variation related to races. Why is this so? Along with the belief in the reality of biologically based human races, racism …show more content…

I chose this issue because we have read about this issue in Just mercy. During the past six years, there has been a big positive amendment within the observations of each African - Americans and whites relating to the current condition of race relations. In just mercy, Stevenson writes, “executions are examples of how policies and norms are used to control and punish blacks.” There is no doubt that race has nothing to do with intellect and that all of us should have access to avenues to explore our potential. To imply that anyone must justify his or her membership in the academic community by offering up a unique perspective is indeed absurd. Over the past five hundred years, several intellectuals and their books have developed the story of racism. They developed the initial concepts of race in Western society and coagulated the attitudes and beliefs, that delicately followed underneath the impact of their economic and political policies. There is discrimination of people according to color in every state’s prisons and jail. It also factors in college during admissions and other activities. The race has always played the significant role in discussing the results of standardized

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