Ideology Of Race Essay

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Koshiq Hossain Dr. Freund Americas II 2.26.16 Précis Assignment “Race”, groups of people sharing similar physical characteristics. Race is often mistaken as a biological concept, when it’s actually an ideology that was brought to categorize different groups in history. In Order to understand race, we have to understand what is an ideology. Ideology is an extensive vocabulary used to explain social experiences. Ideology is what forms a political view, and those views can be changed. The Ideology of Race can be contradicted and be viewed differently. For instance, Fields argues that race was born during the birth of the new nation, America. America was a new nation, so many parts were yet to be discovered. In the 17th century, tobacco was discovered in Virginia, and …show more content…

Slaves were granted right, however they were taken away in the mid 17th century. After servants paid off their term, they thought they were treated unfairly. Servants began to rebel and felt if they were ungranted the same equality as everyone else. The landowners switched from servants to slaves. So the Afro American slave population increase drastically, and the Englishmen feared another rebellion that could take place, after witnessing the aftermath of servants. When Indentured Servants started living to the end of their term, they were given rights. Before the owners didn't have to worry because the servants would die before their term was over because of their condition. But, when the servants condition was getting better and they started to finish their term. Landowners began to lose work needed for the plantations. The Englishmen needed a way in order to get work in their plantation to be done and also a type of labor that didn’t have a fixed term. Slaves were used as the main source of labor. The slaves started to build a sense of inferiority. Fields discusses the idea called “commonplace”. A “commonplace” most people used to assume

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