Arguments Against Race Theory Essay

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We all come from different backgrounds, ethnicities and cultures. People come from all over the world in order to live by their own means. There is a sort of racial complex in the United States that indirectly makes people of other races or cultures cleanse out their way of life in order to fit into American society. People should not have to feel this way just because they don’t choose to adopt the American way. Everyone wants to be accepted for who they are and should be respected in what their beliefs are. Furthermore, when dealing with race a black man or woman understands that there is this separation because of skin color. This isn’t a physical separation, rather a separation in the mind. This separation in the mind is a serious issue that many are blind too. Over centuries this separation was created instead of getting rid of this separation and not labeling a person by the color of their skin. It is very obvious why blacks sometimes feel the need to keep their distance because they are perceived in society as undesirable. In addition, the concept of race in a sense puts groups against each other. We are all placed in categories …show more content…

The labeling of the white man gave benefits to them while the blacks were given the opposite and treated as if they weren’t pure blood. In history everything made up on the concept of race and the differences between blacks and white were created by the whites. Blacks had no say in the matter. The simple labeling of black and white comes with all its historically incorrect characteristics from birth. At birth a black person in a sense is already defined to most in society without even been given a chance. I believe the first step is to get rid of the labels. Unification is key to helping our students understand critical race theory in the proper manner without forming resentment towards one

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