Argument Against Racial Stereotypes

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. Race has always been a big controversial topic around the world. We always hear on the news of situations involving race, and lets face it, if it’s on the news it’s probably something more negative than positive. But, being a young adult causes me to be exposed to many more things on my own without the news or outside influences distorting my own point of view. I can say that I’ve formed my own beliefs solely on what I’ve experienced. This is why we all think of race as this idea of “bad” and “different”. We label things based off of what we hear and we don 't want to think of it any other way. I have had bad experiences with other races, but I’ve also had those same experiences with mine. So who am I to judge? I think we try to label our …show more content…

I am frequently at events, community service projects, and different meetings for my Village hall. I 've witnessed and worked with many groups of people. And through that I’ve come to realize you can not please everyone, I am discriminated against because of my skin color. I know this because this has happened to my face. I am Miss Shorewood. This is not a beauty contest, it is purely a community involvement and role model contest. The requirements for this title were to be very involved in my community, writing a paper about how I influence others and how I help others in my community with purpose and compassion, and being interviewed about it all. While at an event this summer, I said hello to a black woman and her family and the remark I received is unforgettable. The woman replied to my hello with, “ Another white Miss Shorewood huh? They just bat their eyes and get what they want”. The way she said it in disgust hurt me. I worked hard for what I had earned all to hear negative comments. This experience in no way made me feel positive about the black race, but I know that it was purely bad attitude from a person. I question why people can be so rude, but that is just how people are sometimes. I didn’t take what this woman said to me personally. Just recently, I was offered a spot as a reader and sponsor for the Goddard School by a wonderful black woman who founded the school. I wish everyone could experience the way she

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