Dick Rowland: The Injustice Of African Americans

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Dick Rowland (African American) was being tried for attack and attempted rape of a white woman named Sarah page. On the day of May 31, of 1921, Ms. Page opened the elevator and Mr. Rowland went to enter the elevator. He tripped because the elevator did not stop moving the way it should have, and so he grabbed what there was so he did not fall; and that happened to be Ms. Page’s arm. She let out a sharp scream and a clerk from not too far away Saw Mr. Rowland run out of the building and Later he was tried and as some white believe he did try to rape her as on the other hand African Americans did not believe in what was said what so ever. There was violence and it was caused by the racism against blacks. That caused people’s lives to…show more content…
this was injustice because it still troubles today because there is still racism and people are still killing African American just because they think they are dangerous police to this day shoot at African Americans because they think they are carrying weapons or they are in to Drugs, gangs and many more things and I think that is wrong because it is should be all or nothing because white people are in to that to there are white people that do drugs that have guns and that are in gangs so to shoot an African American is wrong and I think that what people should do today is make a choose and be a voice for those who will not speak for them self’s and not hate on people for being…show more content…
People that are different don’t get the same education as whites for examples are black people sometimes get bullied more and are separated some people think that they are less educated then us white people but they are the same there are many races and we are all the same we may speak different and look different and that is the only thing that makes us different some of us do the same things we look the same but we are different that is like calling someone fat when they are skinny of even calling someone a different thing then they are labeling is not the way to go I see it every day and I know how much it hurts people and affects they so when you call AA black that is just a color and same with whites it is just a
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