Tom Robinson: Unfair And Racist Court System In The 1900s

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Tom Robinson Tom Robinson was a part of the unfair and racist Court system in the 1900s. He and many other black men were falsely accused of things such as Rape, Burglary, assualt etc…. This Case was very similar to the other Falsly cases around this time the only difference being Tom Robinson had a Lawyer who defended him well. He provided us with loads of evidence proving Tom Robinsons Innocent. No Medical reports, The eye opposite Tom Robison's dominant hand was blackened, and Mayolla and her father have mixed stories. No medical reports. Oftentimes a father of a victim would find themselves trying to help their Sons/daughters before going after the assailant. No Medical team was called during the Rape of Mayolla. When questioned under oath By Atticus about no medical team being called bob responds by saying,” No, It wasn't necessary, Mr. Finich. She was mighty beat up”. This shows that Bob was possibly trying to cover something up as he cared about pinning the crime on someone and then the wellbeing of her daughter. …show more content…

We know this because Mr. Tate says on trial ” Oh yes, that makes it her right eye. It was her right eye”. When someone is inflicting harm to the face using a fist by instinct you usually punch straight toward the face not diagonally. This is important to note because Tom Robinson didn't have a left arm as he told Atticus I can't “use my left hand at all. I got it caught in a cotton gin when I was twelve years old. All my muscles were torn loose.”. With him only having one harm it makes it really hard for him to bruise up her opposite eye. On the other hand, Mayollas father was left-handed increasing the possibility of the assailant being

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