How Does Bob Ewell Show Courage In To Kill A Mockingbird

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The Merriam Webster Dictionary defines courage as the ability to do something that frightens one. Many characters in Harper Lee’s mid 20th century novel To Kill a Mockingbird display courage in numerous ways. One character however, jumps out. When first reading the book, most people would say that courage is displayed by those like Jem, Scout, Tom, or Atticus. However, I would disagree. The character` that shows the most courage is Bob Ewell because he accuses an innocent man of rape, he tries to murder children, and he spit on Atticus Finch.

First, Bob Ewell shows the most courage in the novel because he accused an innocent man of rape. In chapter 9, Scout learns that her father will be defending a man she will soon find to be innocent. “I'm simply defending a negro- his name's Tom Robinson.”(Lee 100) Scout soon learns that Bob Ewell is the prosecutor in the case. In chapter 18, Atticus proves that Bob was actually the person who beat up mayella. It takes an enormous amount of courage to beat you daughter and then blame it on someone else. At first, he said Tom assaulted her, but then changed the charge to rape. Atticus is known around town as one of the best lawyers. Bob knows this and still lies in front of the court, committing perjury. First, Bob Ewell shows the most courage in the novel because he tried to murder …show more content…

In chapter 22, Miss Stephanie says “this morning Mr. Bob Ewell stopped Atticus on the post office corner, spat in his face, and told him he'd get him if it took the rest of his life.” As is shown throughout the book, Atticus is one of the most respected people in the town of Maycomb, Alabama. As mentioned earlier, Atticus embarrassed Bob by defending Tom. He was filled with anger and he took it out by spitting on Atticus. Everyone knows atticus is a good man who does good things. Bob soils what is left of his reputation by disrespecting

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