White Like Me Analysis

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It is hard for a person to learn and develop something that quickly. Many children have been learning things from school. I think being in college is when students really show what they're good at and still learning and developing their intelligence. The two authors of the books, White Like Me by Tim Wise and Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates, discuss education on their point of view when they experience this during their college years. Coates states, “When our elders presented schools to us, they did not present it as a place of high learning but as a means of escape from death and penal warehousing” (Coates 26). He talks about how education is perpetuating injustice. He thinks that schools are hiding something from the students, …show more content…

During my middle school and high school years, I’ve been called names because of my race. This affected me because of thinking about this stereotypes about me. One student had told me “you’re supposed to be smart because you’re Asian, but what happened?”. During that time, I believed what they were saying and it affected my learning by believing them. According to Wise,“For people of color, calling out the police for help was a dicey proposition, mostly because they could never know whether help is what they’d receive as opposed to brutality and mistreatment” (Wise 141). According to another author from Business NH Magazine, Brenda Lett, she states “We are held back, and hold ourselves back, by deciding not to work collectively to address the lie of superiority and inferiority based on skin color.” (Mowry 61). Students race matters. If people did not notice about their race, is like pretending not to see the consequences for this students. They knew that they are “the other” before they were called “the other”. They notice that they don't belong in a white society because of how white people had treated them. For people color, they see policeman as a help, but this policeman will treat them like it’s their fault. They will never know if they will get help or be the ones to be lessened about the problem. Stereotyping can affect the students by simply showing negative actions to

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