Social Construction Of Race

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When we talk about race it generally means the color of a person’s skin, or their physical traits. These traits can lead to them being a different religion, heritage and obviously race or skin color. Race has life-or-death consequences and we prove it to not be deterministic. Ethnocentrism is the judgment of others groups by one’s own standards and values (Conley 326.) Ethnocentrism is what explained why historical efforts were so biased. When speaking about race its people or a group of people that all have their own features, mainly physical and that sets them apart from each other. Everyone has their own ethnicity and that is something everyone has in common. Sociologists argue this construction concept that it’s something that was created to show …show more content…

Sociologist tries to show that race is not real and is made up, almost like it’s our imagination. That is social construction, they get you to think outside of the box and prove that we have made up perceptions. We perceive something as we see it, it’s how we grew up. An example of this would be skin color, which is race but, skin race is not always skin color. People that have darker skin normally come from warmer climates, leaving them with more pigment in their skin. But when a couple of different races gets married and wants to have kids, this leads to miscegenation which is essentially the “mixing of kinds” (Conley 331.) A father can be of darker race and from somewhere warm, while the mother is lighter and from somewhere warm as well. They can produce a mixed baby, darker skin toned, or lighter. Someone can have lighter skin and could have lived somewhere warm all their life, and their skin color

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